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Mani Golf update Announcement

October 17, 2010

Its been an amazing release for Mani Golf, we always knew the gameplay was up the best of what’s out on iPhone, as a Developer you still always wonder how it will be receieved, you put it out there,  and always hope for something, but expect obscurity. Getting featured by Apple as ‘New and Noteworthy’ in pretty much every Country’s App store, has given us Massive exposure, and Sogoplay has done amazing to achieve this, so thank you to them.

The Game’s been reasonably well recieved, the biggest Critism that the game’s too short, and we agree with that, and are currently discussing getting a new course in there Asap, and also getting some new Physics Mechanics in too, also we’re discussing a 2 player mode, along with various other features and surprises we have planned, it’ll be a packed update.

Apart from that, there wasn’t really any other serious critism…. apart from the witterings of a Certain Person!
So, we’re also giving the option to ‘Gag’ Gaylord.
Never let it be said mobobo are a developer that doesn’t listen!

I don't think Apple will approve the second one!

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