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Nice guy Guy

October 15, 2010

Its a small world, it really is.
On a Forum, I bumped into the guy ‘Guy’ who gave us our terrible review, turned out to be a really sound bloke, who after I explained the situation, has amended his review:

Excellent customer service, and a fun game to boot ! – ★★★★★

by Guy and Jackie – Version 1.0 – 14 October 2010

Edit to Review: After the developer heard about my complaint, he contacted me within a day, and explained that there had been a mix-up in the test process, and that the version submitted to Apple was never intended to be compatible with the iPad. A fix has already been submitted to Apple that will address this problem. I was thoroughly impressed by the promptness of this response, and to the level of care that the developer invests in satisfying his customers. Too often these days, when an app has an issue, the developer is nowhere to be seen, and the app is abandoned, leaving customers frustrated with the whole experience. I applaud SoGoPlay for their commitment to customer service, and I await the chance to play this game on the iPad. Meanwhile, I was able to play the game on an iPod Touch, and it played flawlessly. The whole style of the game is quirky and fun. It’s by no means a serious golf game; rather, it captures the inherent silliness of Mini Golf perfectly. Mulligan is a great character, reminiscent of the classic Hannah-Barbera characters of the late sixties and early seventies. The animation is smooth, and the gameplay is lots of fun. My only complaint is that the iPod screen is a tad small for my older eyes, which is why I”m chomping at the bit to try this on the iPad. In all, this is a great game, and I look forward to more from SoGoPlay. I’d love to review this game, since it looks really cool, and has great-looking screen shots, but I can’t. It will not load on the iPad at all. The first splash screen shows up for a second, and then, crash… Tried a restart, and then a reboot. Nothing. Stay away from this one if you have an iPad, because it’s a total waste of a dollar. I hope the developer sees this and gets working on a fix quickly. And if the description given by the iTunes store is wrong, then shame on Apple for not getting facts right. Maybe this works on the iPhone, but for now, it’s a major disappointment on the iPad. A definite shot right in the water hazard.

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