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Mani Golf is Launched for iPhone and iPod touch on App Store

October 14, 2010

First Review in!

1 star
Will not start on the iPad

by GUY DAYENI’d love to review this game, since it looks really cool, and has great-looking screen shots, but I can’t. It will not load on the iPad at all. The first splash screen shows up for a second, and then, crash…

Tried a restart, and then a reboot. Nothing. Stay away from this one if you have an iPad, because it’s a total waste of a dollar. I hope the developer sees this and gets working on a fix quickly. And if the description given by the iTunes store is wrong, then shame on Apple for not getting facts right.

Maybe this works on the iPhone, but for now, it’s a major disappointment on the iPad. A definite shot right in the water hazard.

Oh… Bugger….

Well it was never supposed to work on iPad as we’re doing a big, shiny new version for iPad.
It says on App Store it works for iPad, but it doesn’t leading to some not good reviews…
Oh well, we’ll update this version to work on iPad, and also release the new version.

Update soon.

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